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Ammo Stock Alert!

Remington .22LR Thunderbolt, HV Round Nose, 40gr, Box of 500 rounds – $44.99 (9¢/round)

Remington .22LR Golden Bullet, HV Hollow Point, 36gr, Bucket of 1400 rounds – $139.99 (10¢/round)

Ammo Inc. 357 Magnum, 125 gr, JHP, Box of 20 rounds – $24.99 ($1.25/round)

Ammo Inc. 38 Spl, 158 gr, FMJ, Box of 50 rounds – $32.99 (66¢/round)

Fiocchi 38 Spl, 158 gr, FMJ, Box of 50 rounds – $36.95 (74¢/round)

Hornady Critical Defense 380 Auto, 90 gr, FTX, Box of 25 rounds – $29.99 ($1.20/round)

Remington HTP 380 Auto, 88 gr, JHP, Box of 20 rounds – $27.99 ($1.40/round)

Blazer 9mm, 115 gr, FMJ, Box of 50 rounds – $22.99 (46¢/round)

Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP, 230 grain, FMJ, Box of 50 rounds – $31.99 (64¢/round)

Hornady Lever Revolution 30-30 Win, 160 grain, FTX, Box of 20 rounds – $32.99 ($1.65/round)

Hornady Precision Hunter, 6.5 Creedmoor, 143gr, 20 rounds – $44.99 ($2.25/round)

Hornady, 243 Win, 100gr, InterLock, 20 rounds – $32.00 ($1.60/round)

Federal, 270 Win, 130gr, JSP, 20 rounds – $32.99 ($1.65/round)

Remington Core-Lokt, 30-06, 180gr, PSP, 20 rounds – $49.99 ($2.50/round)

Hornady 20Ga Sabot Slug, 2 3/4″, 250gr SST slug, Box of 5 rounds – $19.99 ($3.99/round)

Winchester Super X 410GA, 3″, 000 Buck 5 pellets, 5 rounds – $14.49 ($2.90/round)

Please note inventory is limited. Other calibers are in stock but not listed on site. Please call our store 631-261-1235

We also have 20GA, 28GA, 10GA, 12GA, 10mm, 25 ACP, 41 Rem Mag, 38 Super, 357 Sig, 5.7×28, 454 Casull, and 460 S&W Mag. Call for details!

We are an official Henry dealer. Nobody has our selection of Henrys on Long Island!

We are getting the Henry Long Ranger 223/5.56! Model H014S-223. VERY hard to find! Call for pricing and to secure yours today!

We are an official Smith and Wesson dealer. We have the new Equalizer in stock! Stop by for the new rebates from Jan 15th 2023 – April 2nd 2023!

Save up to $100!

Click HERE for details.

We are an official Glock Dealer!

Come check out our inventory of MOS Glocks, and more. If we don’t have it we’ll order it!

We buy and sell used firearms!

We strive to have a great collection of new and used firearms. If you’re interested in selling a firearm, bring it into our shop on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday before 4pm.

Buy your New York State hunting and fishing licenses here!

We carry all the brands you want!

Colt, Kimber, Sig Sauer, FN, HK, Beretta, Keltec, Springfield Armory, Glock, Ruger, Walther and more!

For our latest inventory on firearms and ammo, stop in, call, or email us!

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