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Frequently asked questions

Starting September 13th all customers will need to complete a NYS background check for all ammo. Additional fees will apply.

Q: Will you call me when my transfer has arrived?
A: No. Please follow your tracking number provided by the sender to get notified of your delivery.


Q: When can I pick up my transfer?
A: All transfers are available for pick up the day after they are delivered. Transfers will not be available for pick up the same day it is delivered.


Q: How long do I have to pick up my transfer?
A: Please pick up your transfer within 2 weeks of delivery. If you need more time please give us a call. Transfers that aren’t picked up within 90 days are considered abandoned, unless we have discussed with you otherwise.


Q: How can I get a copy of your FFL?
A: Many online retailers have our FFL on file. If they do not have it we must send it to them directly. Please have them contact us via phone or email and we will promptly send it to them.


Q: Who should I address my transfers to?
A: Address all transfers (ammo and firearms) to Long Island Ammo or Karp’s Hardware with an attention to your name.


Q: How do I know if a firearm is New York Legal?
A: NY law Prohibits certain firearms, please see the NY Safe Act online for
details. New York has recently enacted several new rules about what can be sent
here and what can’t. If you are unsure please call us at 631-261-1235.


Q: Do you need a permit for a semi-automatic rifle in NYS?
A: Yes. As of September of 2022 you need a permit to purchase a semi-automatic rifle in NYS.


Q: Do you need to do a background check to buy ammo in NYS?
A: Yes. As of September 13th, 2023 you need to pass a background check to purchase any ammo in NYS.


Q: Will you transfer a lower receiver?
A: Yes. However it must be fully stripped and you must be 21 years old. If it is not fully stripped it must be returned to the sender, and you will be charged the transfer fee(s) and shipping costs.


Q: Do we carry any black powder or reloading supplies?
A: No. We do not carry these products at this time.


If you have further questions please call or email us
631-261-1235 •
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